Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rolling Stone and General McCrystal

Thanks to Rolling Stone, we now have a good bumper sticker for the 2012 Presidential campaign season!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Regime of GeneralissimObama

POTUS and crew have been BPM-ing (recall Wolfie introduced this earlier = Bitch Piss and Moan) about the back pressure they are rightfully receiving about their policies, plans and procedures, and generally screwed up world view. Using this as a diving board, they jump of to do the Alinsky high dive, and attempt to lump all opposition members into the forever worn out, "angry white male" image, or "Christian Militia" or whatever other combinations of emotive, Obamaganda words they can create to try to sideline the dam bursting that is gushing down the gorge to destroy their world.

As my college roommate would say, dryly, "Gee, thats too bad."

For some reason, Wolfie can't get his previous post out of his mind, and so I'm going to continue the general theme, which oversimplified could be called, "Why these bastards are like the Nazis and Communists."

One of the non obvious, insidious things about Auschwitz, is very akin to the Obama Healthcare plan, and his other plans.

Oh, Wolfie hears people screaming in the distance! They cannot believe his comparisons! Well, as Commander Shore would say, "Standby for Action!"

What Wolfie is referring to is industry. Industry, you say? Yes, Industry. You see, that Auschwitz existed at all is bad enough, and that it was designed is also bad enough. But what most don't know, is that it was designed by engineers, who spent time evaluating how much work could be done by slave labor, with meager food, and lousy housing conditions, and little or no medical care, before they needed to be "disposed of."

You see, it was not just that Hitler and his evil crew were busy with genocide, they also were busy making money off of the free labor force at the same time. It was engineers from the giant IG Farben conglomerate who broke out their slide rules, and designed and built Auschwitz with the intent that the ovens would take care of the disposal of the people, once their usefullness had come to an end.

Wolfie hears the uninformed yelling still, about how this might pertain to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid's Healthcare fraud.

Riddle me this, young puppy, how do you suppose the government, with an inability to pay for all this crap and sharade it shovels out every day for idiots to believe in, is going to "manage" healthcare?

Part of it is with boards of burrocrats (sic) who get to decide if you get this or that procedure, drug, or medical benefit. In other words, dummy, when you get older, and less useful to society, your benefits will start to drop off, and as Obama said once, maybe you just need some painkillers.

Time to check out, you're not worthy or worth it anymore pops, you're outta here. Ole Scary Barry and his pigs have decided with some spreadsheet analysis that you aren't worth keeping alive. Too much of a monetary burden, and not enough taxes. You'd do better to die, so your family can sell your farm, pay the taxes and walk away with nothing much, after the government gets done with them.

So, my friends and fellow woofie dogs, this is how they are the same as the Nazi, the IG Farben engineers, in that they calculate the value of your life, not to you, or your family, but to them.

That is the determining factor. Might as well die as soon as you can't generate any more tax revenue for them.

You are worth some amount in tax revenue, so much in your ability to buy things that get taxed, pay taxes and fees over your lifetime, have kids to be taxed, but when you might need some real healthcare, for quality of life with your family and friends? Ha! You've missed the point!

You're not a person, a wife or husband, not a grandmother or grandfather, you, are a line item in some data analysis somewhere, and you and your cluster of oldsters or other high risk category, have just popped up on the radar as being worthless to continue to assist in any way.

Damn! Hope and Change you can believe in!

Wolfie is very angry at these fecal-headed, evil loving, power hungry, dealers of lies, suffering and death.

Get the picture -it only gets worse. The pressure only ratchets up from here. You become more and more worthless, and get categorized, as in the Soviet Union. Pretty soon, if Wolfie speaks up, he will end up an enemy of the state, and possibly be sent off for reeducation. Since being an individual, and having an opinion different than that from those in power, means I must be insane. You would not want to listen to an insane person, would you? Nice little piece of Sovietism and Alinsky there, eh?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Joke

In these dog years of my life, I've run across the same things, repetitious things, themes which re-occur again and again. I suspect some of this is due to the nature of humans, and how it seems to perpetuate amongst the various personality types. Bob would say some of this perpetuation is due to mind parasites. Ideas, themes and thoughts that perpetuate a sickness in a person, and can pass on generationally.

When I was much younger, in a history class, one year, we studied the second world war. As part of this unit, we were blessed enough to be visited by our local German teacher. She came into our home room, and discussed her experiences in Nazi Germany, during the war.

She was a kind, older woman, with the appearance of nearly a grandmother. She stood about five and a half feet tall, had greying hair, wore thick horn-rimmed glasses, a scarf over her hair, a blouse and a grandmotherly skirt, that went down to her ankles.

It was odd listening to her at first, because she would not look at the class. She spoke and much of the time her gaze was upon the floor in front of her. She could not raise her eyes and look at us and tell us the memories she was recalling. This grandmotherly lady, our German teacher for our school, was a survivor from Auschwitz.

As she spoke of the social changes, then the fear, and finally the terror of knowing what was going on, and her unbelievable survival, and how many friends, family and neighbors that were no more, she raised up her arm, and showed us her tatoo. The tatoo the Nazis had given her. She recited the number, before showing it to us.

In recent years after that, I could not avoid the study of the war, the times, and the circumstances surrounding the war. After churning through all the basics, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Hitler's Spies, The Order of the Death's Head, and other typical reading on the subject, adding war documentaries, biographies, and so on, I found myself noticing books on the shelf in used bookstores, that pertained to the war, the camps, and the deeper experience that was those days.

I found a few books written by survivors of camps like Treblinka, Buchenwald, and of course, Auschwitz. Some of the authors had been unfortunate enough to have been experiments of the Nazi doctors, and even one or two, by Mengele himself. I began to notice a commonality in the observations, and the stories, one that stuck with me over the years.

As a lead up to this observation, let me say that prior to the end of the Victorian era, there existed the belief that man, as spoken of in the Bible, is essentially broken, or crooked, under the weight of sin, original and his own. This requires laws and measures be taken to reign in such behaviors as murder, rape, theiving, etc.

It wasn't until a bit later, that the utopian socialists, and progressives (a politically correct word for communist or socialist to be certain) began to raise the idea, that sin was actually not as the Bible says it is, but it is merely ignorance. Knowledge then became the replacement for salvation. If given the chance, they suppose, man will not choose evil, but good. Because man is basically good, and given a fair chance, will choose to do good. (Artifacts of this idea exist in the notion that certain societal groups have more crime because they just don't have enough help in the form of education, money, social programs, etc. and crops up again in the Palestinian argument. All of which are just rebellion at the heart of the matter. Immature rebellion.)

These ideas floated quite nicely for a time, ostensibly liberating man from his roots in the "opiate of the masses." The first two world wars blew that idea out of the water, by showing that when man knows more, when knowledge increases, man did not generally choose to better himself, but to figure out ways to better destroy himself.

It seems, sin remains.

So, I noticed, in my study of the camps, that the psychologies began to leak through. It then became clear, that a pernitious evil was involved, that Satan was having a field day, mocking mankind. This was manifest in some of the behaviors of the Nazis in the camps. Not just the first blush of how horrible it all was, or how could someone do that? Not those typical rallying points. This was different. What suddenly struck me in the survivor stories, was the absolute mockery that took place alongside the cruelty and barbarism.

For example, while standing in the icy cold of a dark winter morning, roll call, the prisoners stood in clothing hardly good enough for warm weather. Fearing the spontaneous attack from the requisite psychotic enforcer, and trying to stand at attention, as if a new recruit in a special unit, the Nazis would have those more skilled in the group, sit and play music in a string quartet. Live music.

The first blush is that this was just a sick joke. But as I saw more examples of similar things, I realized that Satan was busy using these people, to make fun of "normal" life, and normalcy, of life itself, and man. What many of the Nazis perhaps missed, is that he also made fun of them. By convincing them with so many of the lies, and binding them together with power and fear, they became capable of inhuman atrocities, complete with "reasons" for the behavior.

Afterall, weren't they providing some culture, and some nice music for their prisoners? Should'nt they be grateful? Denial of the death they were sending them to, and the work that would kill them, there were stacks of such excuses, to go with the myriad of similar mockery. All permissable by the dehumanizing of the individual, by the creation of an "us" and a "them" one can accomplish such things.

Why does Wolfie bring up this story, this thought, these historical threads?

Because Fascism, Socialism, Communism, all go down the same road, and do the same thing. Some oppressors are better at the bull manure than others, but all are deceived in the same stream.

Wednesday's example of the lie of this type, is, President Obama, coming forth to proclaim his support of offshore oil drilling. This is what one is supposed to have as the "take away" from the press conference. Barack is a good dude, he is finally going to let us drill, there is hope!


While shovelling this lie, this "normal life" concept, that any rational, clear thinking person would do -drill our own oil, the EPA was busy regulating, and the proclaimation of the President, was all falsely hiding the open door for regulation, the refusal to drill in existing areas, and previously, the taxpayer funding by the President of the Brazillian state oil company, which coincidentally made a lot of money for the puppet master, George Soros.

Well butter my butt and call me a bisquit! George Soros has a history with the Nazis too!

Interesting, how Barack Obama's friends and funders, are Communists, Terrorists, people who have ties to foreign intelligence services, the Saudi Royal Family, and fellow travellors of Hitler's Nazis. What a great dude, huh?

Wolfie does not think so.

Returning to the mockery theme, notice, that in the camp, while the music played, the SS, the guard, had complete authority over the lives of the prisoners. So, while you stood, freezing your toes off, fearing an instant beating for some made up infraction, the guard could at any moment just up and shoot you, or send you onto a work detail that would kill you. But they were being oh, so nice to you, you have music, a roof over your head, food... getting the picture?

The pattern is the excuse, the crocodile tears, the bullcrap, while they put their knife wielding hand on your shoulder, and pat you on the back and tell you its ok, before they stab you and take what they want, and laugh while they spit in your face.

Well, we have healthcare now, you should be grateful. Think of all the poor, needy folks, who would love to have what you have. Meanwhile, Obama and his ilk, take your hard earned money, and while they say they are doing good, they are busy with underhanded, under the table deals, with their friends, to make themselves, and their friends a lot of money and power, on your back. Now adding all kinds of laws, regulations, taxes and control over your life. Isn't it great what they've done?

The theme is the same.

Lie, fake, control, take.

It is all mockery, it is just the level of fear, control, and death are not as high as in the camps. You're supposed to not notice. Buy a flatscreen TV, watch football, rent DvDs, and surf the web.

Don't notice, that the "smart meters" let them monitor when you are home, when you are not. Are intended to work with smart appliances, like a refrigerator that will tell them, by RFID tags, what you have to eat, and how long it has been there. Cable TV (or fiber) that tells them what you watch, when you watch it. All of it goes into your file, the database, and now, along with your banking records (Obama's cronies took over most of the big banks, yes? Who needs a search warrant for records, when you own the bank?) phone records, location of your car, where it has been, how fast you drove, how long you parked and where. Let us not forget "broadband in rural areas" -used to monitor your email, your internet usage, where you go, what you read, what you say, and access at high speed to any smart device in your home.

Are you ready for the noose to be closed upon your neck? Data mining and warehousing of all this information, permits predictive analysis. There is a 95% probability that if it is Tuesday, after 8:00 pm, Joe Blow will be at the J Street Bar, and that his car will, within 3 hours, be found cruising the red light district. Joe's medical records show he has been treated for STDs. On it goes.

So, what is Wolfie really trying to tell you?

These people, these progressives, these new men and women of "Hope & Change" are absolutely no different than anyone else who has tried these same tricks, with the exception of the force multiplier of modern technology.

Deliberate destruction of the US economy is on the way. Frankly, I suspect, the reason the Congress and Senate, and White House could care less about anything they do, or anything the opposition says, is that there is another plan running. The "government" as usual, is what you are supposed to think. They've got something else in mind, which is why they are busy grabbing all they can get.

But you and me, fellow doggers, are supposed to wag our tails, and be happy that we get a doggie treat.

Not noticing that we are about to be fed to the lions, all so the deceived leadership gets to laugh at us, and how inferior we are, compared to their elitist, and well educated minds. New Supermen!

New Supermen, who are not noticing, that after we go to the lions, the dragon waits to eat them alive.

Ironically, Saul Alinsky, the supposed atheist, communist, agitator and community organizer, gives tacit agreement that God exists, in his agreement that Satan exists. His inability to discern between mythology and reality, gives answer to the blinding darkness. If God does not exist, then Satan had nothing to rebel against. Alinsky therefore agrees there is a God, and that he sides with Satan in rebellion.

God is the only answer to this. Seeking a resolution, a solution only with the pieces you can find here, horizontally, is insufficient for salvation. The vertical relationship with God is the only way out.

Remember: Devils don't bargain with men, they lie to them, to cause them to die forever.


Seems that Obama thinks he can take shots at us and our Constitutional rights. Oh sure, Barry has the same rights as you and I do, technically, but he sure loves to try to enforce his superiority upon the rest of us, under color of his authority and reputation.

..and the Alinsky method bullshit continues....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


General Jack D Ripper

I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Dr. Strangelove, a classic movie, to be sure. But let us examine the truths of this tongue and cheek remark of Stanley Kubrik's General Ripper, in light of current events, and recent history.

Communist infiltration? Thats been going on since we've had communists. Admissions by various people regarding Alger Hiss, as well as Venona transcripts, show us this was not a ficticious problem (and Joe McCarthy was right, albeit a bit ham fisted in his methods.)

Many members of the House of Representatives have been listed as members on Communist Party web sites in recent years. (Maxine Waters comes to mind) We also have National Socialists, the paid for socialists, bought by laundered money from George Soros and his front groups like MoveOn etc.

Communist indoctrination? William "Bill" Ayers, the admitted terrorist, the one who has ties to the intelligence agencies of Cuba, China, North Vietnam, North Korea, and of course, the Soviet Union, during time of war, has grown to become "Professor Ayers" and has been instrumental in teacher training for the last decade or two. He is even now, a good friend of Hugo Chavez, and has been teaching his tripe in Venezuela, along with is "son."

Add to this, that Universities have become the ivory tower homes of many 60's era radicals, communists, socialists and other mentally defective individuals, then it is no surprise that the old Soviet agenda is taught and shoveled down the throats of every generation.

Communist subversion? We've already mentioned Bill Ayers, but not his socialist Sesame Street gang known as The Weathermen, or alternately The Weather Underground. This is just one, rather classic group, that also has ties into the Black Panther Party and other organizations "of color" and Venceremos Brigade, ties to European terrorist organizations, etc.

Do we need to list the offenses of Bill Ayers, his adorable wife, and their cohorts? I think not.

Additionally, the Communists in state and local governments, let alone federal positions in the legislature and justice departments, spend a great deal of time derailing the Constitution, as well as the boundaries or rights it defines.

International Communist conspiracy? How about the KGB assisting in the "free speech" and "student movement" ? This is well documented in several books regarding the KGB, and also somewhat by David Horowitz and in some cases Peter Collier as well.

Do you really think the recent classification of radio talk show host Michael Savage (his air name) was just a mistake, or a bad decision? Don't you think it unusual the timing of this issue was right in stride with other attempts by Obama to move his agenda?

The San Francisco area Communists sure do not like Michael. The Obama crew was in touch with the UK lefties, and we were off and running -the first loud volley at Talk Radio was at someone perceived as extreme -remember Wolfie's previous postings on Saul Alinsky.

Kubrik's sarcasm aside, regarding bodily fluids, this seemingly wacko-nutjob, Jack Ripper was right on the mark, as have been many others.

Was General Jack correct regarding his method in the employment of "Wing Plan R" ? Probably not. But the "first strike" option was one the Soviets blustered that they never would lay down, while we pretended we would never use it.

Now we face a different war. The war we face is one of fighting these Islamic nutjob terrorists. Ones who the left would say, have come from disgruntled Afghanis, screwed by the CIA after fighting the Soviet incursion.

As they expect us to " 'fess up" on our supposed crimes to humanity, they conveniently leave out, that the Nazis and Soviets worked hard to make friends in the middle east, with anything that was not Jewish. They accidentally don't mention, that "international terrorism" in the 70's was funded a great deal by the Soviet Union, in order to harass the west, and Israel. (See Claire Sterling's "The Terror Network" -op)

So we fight now, this amorphous gas bag of crap ideologies. Communism and its ideological spin offs of various weenie-whiney-isms, and the more malignant frontiers, of subversion, terrorism, and the current power politics of tyranny, coming out of Washington, DC.

General Jack may have had the right idea afterall...

Suggested reading

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to The Village...

What is it, about this fictional character, that would be unliked by the Left; by Barry, and Nancy, and Harry, the Obama Bunch? Tyranny, tyrants, do not like this man, this figurehead, this character in a fictional show from the 1970's. The don't like him, because he has broken the cardinal rule of all tyrants. He dared to say, "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

Albeit fiction, our hero, is surrounded by familiar faces. Oh yes, look closely, every student of history knows exactly who they all are. The faceless oppressors of the state. The yes-men of the tyranny, in a show trial given only to show that the state has power over the individual. To crush the individual, and mock God, law, the truth, and the individual, all in one pass.

Scary Barry, and his street thugs, prefer this man, and those like him, keep their mouths shut. He shouuld be suppressed, be shut down, demonized and removed from society. Oh, its ok, so long as he is present to represent a stereotype, an iconic portrayal from the Allinsky villians list. He just cannot express anything but support for the Big O. None of that individual stuff.

Being an individual is anathema to the Left. It means you have an opinion, are not necessarily like the next guy or gal, and that you take responsibility for your words, deeds, and your own upkeep and survival. Then their worst fear is realized, you don't need them at all. You accept the hard times and the good times, but you don't need them at all.

Being a stated individual, might even get you reviewed in certain corridors of the justice department. Afterall, you are not supposed to question that clay footed, self proclaimed god who occupies the White House. Even though he, and his followers know they ran a cheat, a voter fraud syndicate, to shove Barry to the poduim, and implement their utopian feces upon society.

This is what they prefer, to smother the individual. To live in a world whose favorite TV program is, "Everybody Loves Barry." He forgets he is an empty suit, built by ideologies and ideologists, and bought and paid for, down to the elastic in his underwear. He too easily believes his own press.

It reminds me of Nazi propaganda, or the communist radioteletype traffic coming out of Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK) -- ".. the [South Korean] puppet government of the evil, bloodthirsty Congress of the United States.." Followed by worship of the great leader, Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Jong, and whatever else was worthy to be supported by their state tyranny.

It is time to stand up and take care of our families, our communities, and our lives. Its time to vote these lovers of a corrupt philosophy out of office, and defund their fellow-travelors, and all their agencies, sub organizations and foolish endeavors, that have wormed their big mouths under the federal money faucet.

It is time to enforce the rule of law. This country was founded on a unique concept. The idea that the law was the king, all are subject to it, and not that we have a king, who is the law. LEX REX not REX LEX.

Naturally, the left prefers an authority figurehead, a king, a dictator, a tyrant. The individual never prefers such things.

It is only a matter of time, anger or frustration, before Obama and his gang bangers in the House and Senate decide to switch on the heat, and go from Tyranny Lite, (more taxes, less killing) -to the full blown version. Doubt me? Study history.

There has never been a case in history, where a government has taken a right, or usurped a power position on something, where they have given it back without a fight.

So, looks like the fight is on. Lets hope it stays at the ballot box, without ACORN forgeries, and dead people voting, etc. Lets hope its ballots, and does not turn to bullets.

Be Seeing You...


Today, boys and girls, the latest target of the Saul Alinskyite POTUS is the "angry white male" -which is, of course, a nice generic stereotype. This is tied to the "Militia Movement" and "Chrisitians" and the Obamaganda machine is cranked up to paint the Tea Party movement as gun toting, dangerous freaks, who should be suppressed.

Obama and his crew, and his handlers do not want the TEA Party movement to be heard. They are scared, and know they will get their asses handed to them in the future, so they are busy even now, like little ACORN beavers, pre-emptively striking the reputation, demonizing the image, so they can score in November.

This is a variation of the same template Hillary Clinton tossed out with "vast right-wing conspiracy" when she and her husband, "Billy Bentpecker" (hat tip: Lee Rogers) were under investigation. As usual, they telegraph their intentions, if you know how to listen.

So what can we predict in the coming days?

More attacks on various groups to build up in the minds of the public, that the TEA party is not to be followed, or believed, because they are nuts, weirdos, frothing at the mouth socio-psycopaths who don't like Barack Obama because he is "..not like the guy on the dollar bill.." as POTUS said during the campaign, dragging race into the picture, when nobody else would.

So Lissen' up, and pay attention. The fabricated sh*tstorm is upon us, and they are looking forward to ramping up in time for November.

Too bad for them, they are so damned predictable.

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer"

--Saul Alinsky, "Rules For Radicals" dedication.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Wolfie was asked, albeit a bit tongue in cheek, if he does not like the President. I could care less about the President, or Pelosi and Reid, Boxer and Feinstein, or even CAIR. What concerns me is their philosophy and ideological bent for stealing, killing and destroying lives, all in the guise of some other weakly veiled cause or premise. So, it does not matter who it is, they are deceived.

Hoses? Those are all the taxes and freeloader causes that the government, primarily Democrats / Communists have attached to the Everyman to take from him, and give to someone else. But, as you can imagine, the primary function is to keep him from rising up and being an individual.

You do, remember, the "Rugged Individual" of the United States?

They fear that, iconic or not, they fear it, and want it stopped.

They don't get their power and their friends don't get their government Scooby Snacks if the individual is important.

If the individual is important, then they don't need government. If you believe you are a member of a disenfranchised group, then you are the group think, the group message, and you cow tow to the government and your group's "leaders" in order to gain an identity.

I guess having one's own identity is fearsome, and political correctness has made having one's own opinon heresy.

Cut the hoses, and let these vampires die.